SERP Optimization Is Important

rt-scr-1Having your information found within the top three positions on the first Search Engine Result Page (SERP)that is presented for a particular keyword that you wish to be ranked for is a major accomplishment. A few very important optimization rules must be followed in regards to your website, the articles you distribute in your marketing efforts and the links that point to your landing page. Without taking the following steps to be found for specific keywords in the search engines, your efforts may be weak at best. Every step you take should be towards reaching the goal of being the first bit of information searchers find.

Take full advantage of page descriptions, meta-tags, alternate text and titles and links and throughout your pages. Be extremely careful about stuffing tons of keywords into the content that you are using to draw traffic to your awesome website or landing pages. Don’t always use the same keyword or only keywords in links that point to your website because it would look bad on you as a marketer and and eventually tarnish your reputation if you repeatedly do it.

Last but far from least, utilize incoming links from high-ranking and reputable sources.

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