Why Use A Rank Tracking Program?

SEO involves some repetitive activities that can eat you up a lot of time. Tracking your rankings in the SERPS is one of these things you have to do on continuous basis with a serp tracker , so that you can see how successful your other SEO endeavors are. Performing manual searches in Google and Bing every day may work just fine for two or three keywords, but if you want to check hundreds of them, this can be an extremely time consuming activity. If you don’t use a rank tracking tool to keep an eye on all your keywords at the same time, you are never going to make it big in this industry. graph_img

As a matter of fact, this is the first thing I’ve understood when I started to learn the basics of SEO. Since then, I’ve found a good tank tracker that enables me to monitor all my campaigns. I don’t have hundreds of keywords yet, but if I manage to achieve my current goals, I might expand into other niches. A good nice site can bring you almost passive revenue for many years, so I’m committed to make this work. Retiring while I’m still young and healthy is my secret dream.

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